Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chick Fil A 5k

The Chick Fil A 5k took place yesterday & had a total of 312 finishers. The weather was great & it was another successful race. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped to make this happen! Instead of pulling out the Limestone County finishers for this race, I will just provide a link to the race results. Click here for the race results.

Congratulations to all the finishers!

Double Helix 5k

The inaugural Double Helix 5k was held this past Tuesday at Hudson Alpha in Research Park at 5:30. This race was pretty unique in the fact it was on a weekday after work. This was a very well put together race as well. This race was part of the Healthy Huntsville initiative so there were plenty of fruit to be had afterwards (and pizza). All finishers received a medal and medals were also awarded to the award winners. The course was also unique in that the last 3/4 miles was on a loop of the helix track behind Hudson Alpha which brought a different challenge. If you didn't do this race this year, I recommend you check it out next year!

Now on to the results!
Virginia Breland won the 60-69 female age group, Eric Patterson won the male 30-39 age group, & Chris Ramsden won the 20-29 age group.

Here are the finishers from Limestone County:
1 18:31 39 Eric Patterson - Athens
2 19:07 28 Chris Ramsden - Athens
3 23:58 29 Jeffrey Wilson - Athens
4 25:59 37 Ben Hutton - Athens
5 29:22 50F Sherry Adams - Athens
6 31:21 26F Janell Hill - Athens
7 35:07 30F Laura Cary - Athens
8 38:26 48F Teresa Wallis - Ardmore
9 38:27 9 Mason Wallis - Ardmore
10 39:26 54 Richard Brown - Athens
11 39:49 20F Holly Roberts - Athens
12 39:50 21F Cassie Rogers - Athens
13 52:08 63F Virginia Breland - Athens