Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NoBo for Chick Fil A 5k!

There is a great opportunity for Athens runners to run their first 5k. Fleet Feet is offering a No Boundaries program to encourage new runners to participate in their first 5k. This program is designed to take you from the couch to participating in your first 5k. There are no pre-requisites. You do not have to be fit already to participate in this program.

Do you have a new year's resolution that you may have already slacked on? This is a great opportunity to get encouragement and advice from experienced runners to meet your goals! Learn more about the No Boundaries program here. http://www.fleetfeethuntsville.com/training/no-boundaries-program

The graduation of this program will the the Chick Fil A 5k in Athens on April 14, 2012. You can sign up for this program here. https://www.signmeup.com/site/online-event-registration/80494

Download this flyer for more information.


Gretta said...

Would love to find a training program similar to this that I can participate in with my 11 year old. Are any North Alabama runners aware of any?

Eric said...

Hey Gretta,

If you could send me your contact information to duckandrun5k@yahoo.com, I'll check with the coach of this program for more info. I know that this is for 14 years old and above, but I can ask for you.