Monday, October 10, 2011

Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15k

The annual Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15k Road Race was Saturday, October 8, 2011. This race is a classic and runs on the roads atop Monte Sano Mountain. It is a beautiful, rolling course through the neighborhoods and portions of the state park. The weather was perfect for racing with temps in the upper 50s and lower 60s. The 15k is an unusual and interesting challenge for runners. This is one of two 15k road races in North Alabama. The other is the Huff -N- Puff on the Bluff in Sheffield in March.

The overall winner was Antoine Batiste of Huntsville in 53:54. The overall female winner was Kathy Youngren of Huntsville in 1:04:15. The masters winner, setting a state record for 53 year old men at the 15k distance, was George DeWitt of Madison in 54:45. The female masters winner was Sheryl Dummer of Huntsville in 1:10:56. The overall results and the age group results are at the HTC website.

Limestone County finishers are listed below.

  1. Eric Patterson, Athens, 58:58
  2. Whitney Hollingsworth, Elkmont, 1:12:05
  3. Johnny Maplesden, Athens, 1:13:19
  4. Jeremy McDougal, Athens, 1:13:53
  5. Kristi Anderson, Athens, 1:14:54
  6. Dewey Richards, Athens, 1:14:56
  7. Robert Kephart, Athens, 1:15:00
  8. Felicia Newton, Athens, 1:17:16
  9. Arthur Metcalf, Athens, 1:19:16
  10. Phillip Stewart, Athens, 1:19:39
  11. Glen King, Athens, 1:21:24
  12. Barry Pugh, Athens, 1:22:36
  13. Heather Haney, Athens, 1:22:55
  14. Kelly Thomason, Ardmore, 1:23:00
  15. Chad Hobbs, Athens, 1:25:01
  16. Mark York, Ardmore, 1:26:24
  17. Lindsey Ramsden, Athens, 1:27:22
  18. Chris Ramsden, Athens, 1:27:23
  19. Kim Shores, Elkmont, 1:28:36
  20. Jessica Durso, Athens, 1:30:54
  21. Jimmie Shoulders, Athens, 1:33:17
  22. Blake Martin, Athens, 1:38:11
  23. Stacey Glover, Athens, 1:41:40
  24. Jennifer Adair, Athens, 1:48:58
  25. Brandon Adair, Athens, 1:48:58