Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Duck and Run 5k Announcement

I've decided to put a bounty on the Duck and Run 5k course record this year. We already give a cash prize to the mid-pack runner and a random drawing. To make things a little more exciting up front this year, we are going to give a cash prize for setting a course record.

According to my records, the male course record is 16:23 set in 2007 by Tyrone Harris. The female course record is 20:29 and was set in 2008 by Emily Rutherford. I wouldn't consider either of those records soft, but I think that both of those records can be improved. So, let's do it!

Here's how it will work. I have $100 to use for this if we have fewer than 300 runners. If you beat the old record, but someone beats you, I'm sorry, but you didn't set the new course record. So, you must both win and set a record to get the bounty. Since I only have $100 for fewer than 300 runners, if both records fall, then both the new male and new female record holder will get $50.

UPDATE!! If we get 325 or more registered, paid runners, we will give away $100 to both a male and female course record setter! So, don't be shy... Recruit those fast men and women!

So, call your friends and get them to sign up! Call your fast friends and get them to try to get a new course record!