Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alabama A&M 10k

I've heard that the Alabama A&M 10k is one of the oldest foot races in Huntsville, but I haven't yet confirmed that. This race almost has a cult following. People love to hate it. It's a tough, slow, hilly course with no shade. It is run on one of the earliest hot days of the year. It has an out and back section and a double loop. The double loop contains one of the steepest road hills in the area. This is not a PR course. But the race has character and it builds character.  The 2011 running was very typical. It was hot and humid.

There was a minor modification to the course this year because of construction on the Alabama A&M campus and the new course is certified.

The overall winner was Josh Whitehead of Madison in 32:37. Josh is on fire right now and we are witnessing something special with the race performances he has been able to string together in 2011. He is establishing himself as the top local runner. Donald Bowman of Madison was the masters winner in 37:39. The female winner was Candace Jacobs of Huntsville in 39:40. The female masters winner was Roberta Hauck of Madison in 46:47. The overall results and the age group results are at the HTC website.

Limestone County finishers are listed below.

  1. Eric Patterson, Athens, 41:44
  2. Whitney Hollingsworth, Elkmont, 47:12
  3. Glen King, Athens, 49:23
  4. Arthur Metcalf, Athens, 53:25
  5. Barry Pugh, Athens, 55:15
  6. Mark York, Ardmore, 1:03:35
  7. Jennifer Adair, Athens, 1:09:50
  8. Brandon Adair, Athens, 1:09:51

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