Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jesse Owens 10k

May 21 was a busy day of races! The Jesse Owens 10k got overlooked in the report for the weekend of May 21.

The Jesse Owens 10k is a long standing 10k race in Moulton, AL. The race finishes on the Lawrence County High School track. Heat is usually a factor in the finishing times, and that was likely the case again this year. The week prior to the race saw temperatures as low as the lower 40s while race day reached a high near 90 with high early morning humidity.

Donald Bowman was the overall winner in 36:04 and Emily Spry was the overall female winner in 44:34. The overall results are at the Shoals TRAC website. Limestone County finishers are listed below.

  1. Glen King, Athens, 47:30
  2. David Fanning, Athens, 50:32
  3. Tom Davidson, Athens, 53:24
  4. Philip Stewart, Athens, 53:28
  5. Tim Fogg, Athens, 53:29

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