Monday, August 23, 2010

HiWAAY Sprint Triathlon

The 30th annual Huntsville HiWAAY Sprint Triathlon was Saturday, August 21, 2010.  This race is an interesting triathlon because it is a "reverse" triathlon.  Triathlons are usually Swim, Bike, Run. This one is Run, Bike, Swim, avoiding the dreaded "BRICK" (Bike, Run, ICK!).  Also, it is a sprint distance (3 mile run, 6 mile bike ride, and 400 meter pool swim) which makes it eminently do-able for the beginning triathlete.

The weather was warm, but not unbearably hot until after the finish of the race.  The race starts at the Cross Country Running Park in Huntsville.  That is a difficult 3 mile course with one major hill.  The race finishes at the Huntsville Natatorium.  For more information about the race, visit

The overall winner was Andrew Hodges of Huntsville.  The female winner was Rachel Eubanks of Harvest.  The masters winner was John Hill of Bentonville, AR.  The female masters winner Clarissa Sharp of Huntsville.

There were several Limestone County finishers in this event.  They are listed below.  The complete results, including overall, age group, splits, and team results are available at the HTC Website.

  1. Myles Underwood, Athens, 54:43
  2. Heather Haney, Athens, 57:25
  3. Tim Murray, Athens, 57:42
  4. Jeremy Vining, Athens, 1:03:17
  5. Mallory Underwood, Athens, 1:06:34
  6. Angie Smith, Athens, 1:07:05
  7. Janet Martin, Athens, 1:11:54
  8. Kevin Smith, Athens, 1:12:59
  9. Scott Hofacker, Athens, 1:14:46
  10. Kerri Feeny, Athens, 1:19:51
  11. Michael Hart, Athens, 1:22:25
  12. Angela Hart, Athens, 1:22:26