Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paint the Streets 5k

The inaugural Paint the Streets 5k started at the SAIC Huntsville office in Cummings Research Park in Huntsville on July 24, 2010, at 7:00 AM.  This race benefits the United Cerebral Palsy foundation, is in memory of Carlene Hall, and SAIC is the title sponsor.  The conditions were HOT and HUMID, even with a 7:00 AM start time.  This would be a fast course in cooler weather, but Saturday was a scorcher!

The overall winner was Brad Schroeder of Owens Cross Roads in 17:06. The female winner was Kathy Youngren of Huntsville in 19:48.  The masters winner was Donald Bowman of Madison in 17:58.  The female masters winner was Madelyn Patton of Madison in 22:38.  The overall results and the age group results are available at the Huntsville Track Club website.

Limestone County finishers are listed below.

  1. Johnny Maplesdon, Athens, 22:59
  2. Scott Hofacker, Athens, 23:25
  3. Danny Harrison, Athens, 25:27
  4. Tom Ridinger, Athens, 26:29
  5. Russel Johnson, Athens, 29:21
  6. Laura Cary, Athens, 31:16
  7. Brianna Boozer, Athens, 32:37
  8. Dana Bogard, Athens, 33:00
  9. Erin Austin-Tidwell, Athens, 33:58
  10. Jennifer Persall, Athens, 36:08
  11. Kerri Feeny, Athens, 37:04
  12. Tina Boozer, Athens, 37:36
  13. Tonya Ross, Tanner, 37:59
  14. Perry Johnson, Elkmont, 40:26
  15. Rebel Johnson, Elkmont, 50:55

Thursday, July 22, 2010

St. Jude

The 5k Run for St. Jude was Friday evening at 7:00 at MacFarland Park in Florence, AL.  This is an out and back 5k course around Florence Harbor.

The overall winner was Hirbo Hirbo in 16:21. The women's winner was Sandy Lynch in 20:00.  The masters winner was Alan Porter in 17:57.  The female masters winner was Kimberly Young in 24:42.  You can view the overall results, and the age group results at the Shoals TRAC website.

Limestone County finishers are listed below.  My apologies for the delay.  I somehow overlooked this race.

  1. Jordan Paul, Athens, 22:40
  2. Scott Hofacker, Athens, 24:14
  3. Phillip Stewart, Athens, 24:51
  4. Denise Sweeney, Athens, 28:52
  5. Kim Shores, Elkmont, 29:41

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Twilight 5k Run

The Twilight 5k Run was held on the campus of UAHuntsville Saturday evening, July 17. This race has separate men's and women's events which is a little unusual for foot races not on a track. It was definitely a hot one!

The overall winner was Josh Whitehead of Madison in 16:09. The female overall winner was Emily Hardin of Madison in 18:29. The masters winner was Donald Bowman of Madison in 17:27. The female masters winner was Sheryl Dummer of Huntsville in 23:30. The overall men's results, the overall women's results, and the age group results are available at the HTC Website.

Limestone County finishers are listed below.
  1. David Dezwaan, Athens, 21:24
  2. Glen King, Athens, 21:51
  3. Scott Hofacker, Athens, 24:27
  4. Mark Swanner, Athens, 24:36
  5. David Hall, Tanner, 24:57
  6. Erik Medlock, Athens, 29:15
  7. Robert Turri, Athens, 29:30
  8. Shawn Lagrone, Athens, 29:54
  9. Mark Smith, Ardmore, 30:32
  10. Brandon Adair, Athens, 30:48
  11. Brian Cary, Athens, 34:45
  1. Jennifer Adair, Athens, 25:54
  2. Julie Thomason, Ardmore, 28:48
  3. Laura Carey, Athens, 30:02
  4. Susi Turri, Athens, 39:00
  5. Amy Wright, Athens, 39:47
  6. Laura Hines, Athens, 39:47
  7. Gena King, Athens, 39:48

Wet Dog Triathlon

The Wet Dog Triathlon is a sprint triathlon held at Point Mallard park in Decatur. It includes a 400m swim in a tributary of the Tennessee River, a 15k bike ride and a 5k run. The race benefits Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Morgan County.

The overall winner was Jonathan Krichev of Huntsville in 47:30. The female overall winner was Donna McCullar of Leesburg in 56:24. The masters winner was George DeWitt of Madison in 52:51. The female masters winner was Cynthia Fuller of Huntsville in 1:08:54. The results are at the following URL:

Limestone County finishers are listed below.
  1. Andy Davidson, Athens, 52:54 (Age Group Winner)
  2. Max Norman, Athens, 1:01:15
  3. Clark Stiles, Tanner, 1:08:46
  4. David Quinn, Athens, 1:08:55
  5. Heather Haney, Athens, 1:10:30
  6. Mike Sweeny, Athens, 1:20:52
  7. Tanjie Schrimsher, Athens, 1:22:40
  8. Caneilia Patterson, Elkmont, 1:23:55
  9. Richard Locklear, Athens, 1:28:09
  10. Coogan Preston, Athens, 1:45:30