Sunday, September 5, 2010

Monte Sano Five and Dime

The 39th annual Monte Sano 10k and 5k Road Races were held at Monte Sano State Park Saturday, September 4, 2010.  This is a long standing event that is part of the HTC Grand Prix series.  This race draws a large crowd and the 10k is the first and main event.  The 10k starts at 8:00 AM and the men and women start separately in the 5k with the men starting at 9:30 and the women at 9:40.

The 10k race is a double loop of the 5k course.  The course can't really be described as fast, but it isn't particularly challenging, either.  There are a couple of rolling hills and there is an out and back on a narrow trail that will slow runners down some.  There was a very nice break in the heat that was most welcome by the runners!  The cooler temps probably made up for the course.

The 10k
The 10k overall winner was Josh Whitehead of Madison in 33:18, just edging out 2nd place 22 year old Will Rodgers of Huntsville in 33:26.  The female winner was Candace Jacobs of Huntsville in 37:18.  The masters winner was Donald Bowman in 35:36.  The female masters winner was Limestone County's Whitney Hollingsworth of Elkmont in 46:07.  Congratulations Whitney!  Overall results and age group results are at the HTC website.

Limestone County Finishers are listed below.

  1. Whitney Hollingsworth, Elkmont, 46:07 (Female Masters winner)
  2. Kara Faulk, Athens, 48:25 (Age Group Winner)
  3. Dewey Richards, Athens, 48:57
  4. Phillip Stewart, Athens, 51:22
  5. Stephen Armstrong, Athens, 51:30
  6. William Driskell, Athens, 52:46
  7. David Fanning, Athens, 53:55
  8. Scott Hofacker, Athens, 53:57
  9. Chris Furno, Athens, 53:57
  10. Jennifer Adair, Athens, 54:24
  11. Dana Bell, Athens, 55:52
  12. Steven Green, Athens, 56:30
  13. Mark York, Ardmore, 59:03
  14. Laura Cary, Athens, 1:04:04
  15. Brandon Adair, Athens, 1:13:16
  16. Stacy Louallen, Athens, 1:26:30

The 5k
The women's 5k overall winner was Katie Maehlmann of Madison in 20:40.  The women's masters winner was Sheryl Dummer of Huntsville in 24:38.

Limestone County finisers are listed below.

  1. Kara Faulk, Athens, 23:43
  2. Jennifer Adair, Athens, 29:47
  3. Olivia Nicole Cox, Athens, 34:25
  4. Haley Jo Cox, Athens, 35:55
  5. Tina Lee Boozer, Athens, 36:34

The men's 5k overall winner was Josh Whitehead of Madison in 16:22.  The men's masters winner was Donald Bowman of Madison in 18:20.
  1. Dewey Richards, Athens, 24:31
  2. Aubie Lee Cox, Athens, 25:29
  3. Phillip Stewart, Athens, 25:39
  4. Mark York, Ardmore, 27:05
  5. Chris Furno, Athens, 28:01
  6. Mark Smith, Ardmore, 28:56
  7. Erik Medlock, Athens, 29:07
  8. Rodney Lee Cox, Athens, 31:56
  9. Chris Becker, Athens, 32:49
  10. Brandon Adair, Athens, 39:47
  11. Steven Green, Athens, 46:07

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