Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eurocross 5k and 8k

The Eurocross 5k and 8k races were held Saturday, June 5, 2010, on the campus of UAHuntsville. The Eurocross is a unique footrace. It involves running on varied terrain, mostly grass with some single track trail mixed in. There are hay bales to leap over. There is a near waist deep creek to cross multiple times. The 5k is a 1k loop that is run 5 times. The 8k is a 2k loop that is run 4 times.

The 5k overall winner was Hirbo Hirbo of Florence. The masters winner Donald Bowman of Madison. The female winner was Carmen Spears of Huntsville. The female masters winner was Ann Mix of Owens Cross Roads.

The 8k overall winner was Hirbo Hirbo and the masters winner was Donald Bowman. The female winner was Kathy Youngren of Huntsville and the female masters winner was Jennifer Curran of Hampton Cove.

5k Limestone County finishers are listed below. There were no Limestone County finishers in the 8k.
  1. David Dezwaan, Athens, 27:16
  2. Scott Hofacker, Athens, 31:00
  3. Mark York, Ardmore, 31:19
  4. Sara Edelman, Athens, 34:56
  5. Cassie Bertsett, Athens, 35:11
  6. Mark Smith, Athens, 35:48
  7. Amber Edelman, Athens, 35:50
  8. Jessica Edelman, Athens, 36:20
  9. Denise Sweeney, Athens, 36:42
  10. Chris Furno, Athens, 37:35
  11. Mike Sweeney, Athens, 37:36
  12. Alex Armstrong, Elkmont, 38:28
  13. Gretta Armstrong, Elkmont, 38:29
  14. Bailey McConnell, Athens, 39:13
  15. Guy Greenhaw, Athens, 43:33
  16. Lanier Greenhaw, Athens, 43:33

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