Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oak Barrel Half Marathon

The Oak Barrel Half Marathon was held in Lynchburg, Tennessee, on Saturday, April 3, 2010. This is a scenic 13.1 mile course.

The overall winner was Jason MkKinney of Rossville, GA in 1:17:00. The overall female winner was Katie Caldwell of Franklin, TN, in 1:32:06. The male masters winner was Thomas Sell of Chattanooga, TN, in 1:25:55. The female masters winner was Sheryl Dummer of Huntsville, AL, in 1:47:23. The overall results and age group results are on the race website.

Limesone County finishers included the following runners.

  1. John Pepper of Athens, 1:41:42
  2. Denny Thornton of Athens, 1:54:19
  3. John Smith of Athens, 1:54:20
  4. James Grantham of Athens, 1:58:05
  5. Allen Tucker of Athens, 2:04:38
  6. Rex Tucker of Athens, 2:04:38
  7. Ashley Spry of Athens, 2:27:41
  8. Paige Badges of Goodspring, TN, 2:36:41

(Though Goodspring, TN isn't in Limestone County, Paige is from Athens and trains in Athens often. I'm happy to list runners who are originally from Limestone County or who regularly train here. Just let me know if you know them and I omit them!)

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Tanjie said...

Paige Bridges 25 Goodspring TN 2:36:41

Hey, Eric!
Paige Bridges, 25, of Goodspring, TN, (2:36:41) is from Athens and trains in Athens too, so, if you could add her, that'd be great!