Sunday, April 25, 2010

Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon

The Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon took place in Nashville, TN, on Saturday, April 24, 2010. This race is part of the nation wide Rock -n- Roll Marathon series of races. These events are known for the huge crowds of runners and the live bands and cheering fans along the route. This event certainly fit that description. Race management announced a combined field of over 32,000 runners. Several Limestone County runners made the trip to soak in the experience.

Weather was certainly a factor for this race. There was rain in the early morning hours and possibly severe thunderstorms forecast for the late morning and early afternoon. Because of this, the race started 15 minutes early. Also, the weather contingency plan was for marathoners who were on a pace slower than a 4:30 marathon at the 11.2 mile mark to be diverted to run the half marathon course.

The rain and thunder began at about 10:30, and the thunderstorms became severe before noon. This caused many marathon runners to be diverted, even though they were on a faster than 4:30 pace. Also, it caused many marathon runners to be removed from the course after passing the 11.2 mark, but before finishing the marathon. Those who were removed are listed as half marathon finishers. Keep that in mind as you're viewing the half marathon results below.

The full results are searchable on the Country Music Marathon website. Limestone County finishers are listed below. There are results for runners diverted to the full marathon finish and to the half marathon finish. I am not sure what that means, unless it is referring to runners who were removed from the course after the storms began.

Marathon Finishers
  1. Eric Patterson, Athens, 3:07:29 (Read Eric's report here.)
  2. Wayne Huff, Athens, UNK

Half Marathon Finishers
  1. Kara Falk, Ardmore, 1:53:51
  2. Christopher Fisk, Athens, 1:56:51
  3. Debi Crowley, Elkmont, 2:03:34
  4. Matthew Kyle, Athens, 2:10:00
  5. Ashley Spry, Athens, 2:11:42
  6. Anna Olson, Athens, 2:14:33
  7. Elizabeth Franks, Athens, 2:15:49
  8. Brittany Hovell, Athens, 2:17:02
  9. Sara Edelman, Athens, 2:17:30
  10. Jennifer Gresham, Athens, 2:19:32
  11. Angie Smith, Athens, 2:19:48
  12. Tom Pieplow, Athens, 2:22:27
  13. Kevin Smith, Athens, 2:23:20
  14. Eldon Franks, Athens, 2:24:16
  15. Jeff Mooneyham, Athens, 2:24:47
  16. Kimberly Hardiman, Athens, 2:25:03
  17. Rick Pender, Athens, 2:28:51
  18. Michael Jung, Athens, 2:35:04
  19. April Marsh, Athens, 2:39:29
  20. Caneilla Patterson, Elkmont, 3:00:12
  21. Sabrina Holt, Athens, 3:33:41
  22. James Grantham, Athens, 3:36:13
  23. Rebecca Martin, Athens, 3:42:54
  24. Erin Owen, Athens, 3:45:56
  25. David Fanning, Athens, 3:49:15
  26. Russell Johnson, Athens, 3:53:50
  27. Angela Farmer, Athens, UNK
  28. Maureen Goodrich, Athens, UNK
  29. Jennifer Juneau, Athens, UNK
There were a couple of other Limestone County marathoners who were diverted late in the race due to weather, Emily Rutherford and Jonathan Spry. There may be others who fit this description that were missed as I searched the results.

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