Sunday, March 14, 2010

Delano Park 12 Hour Run

The 2010 Delano Park 12 Hour Run took place Saturday, March 13 at Delano Park in Decatur. This run is a USATF certified 1 mile loop on a scenic, non-technical trail through Delano Park. This event includes a 50 mile run, a 12 hour run, and a 12 hour relay.

The idea behind the 12 hour run is to run as many laps around the 1 mile loop as possible in 12 hours. Partial laps do not count. The runner who runs the most laps in the 12 hours is the winner.

The only Limestone County finisher was Glen King of Athens. Glen competed in the 12 hour run. He ran 65 miles and was 6th overall!

The results are here.

The 50 mile run is Alabama's only USATF certified 50 mile race. The overall winner of the 50 mile was Allen Smith of Auburn, AL. He ran the 50 miles in 7:09:38. The women's 50 mile winner was Betty Holder of Ringgold, GA in 10:50:04. Marcus Farris of Auburn, AL set a 50 mile state age record for 19 year old males. He ran the 50 miles in 7:22:52.

The 12 hour run winner was Jim O'Brien of Chicago, IL. He ran 76 miles in 12 hours. The women's winner was Liz Bauer of Plainville, GA. She ran 71 miles.

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