Saturday, August 22, 2009

Killen 5K Results

The Killen Founders Day 5K took place today, Saturday, Aug. 22 with 263 finishers.

Hirbo Hirbo, 23, of Russellville, was winner in 15:42.
Sandy Lynch, 40, of Florence was the top female in 19:58.

Masters and Grand-Masters winners were:
Donald Bowman, 41, Madison, 17:04
Whitney Hollingsworth, 45, Elkmont, 22:29
Steve Rogers, 56, Franklin, Tenn., 18:57
Kathy Pounders, 52, Killen, 28:52

Other finishers of note include:
Bud Bowen, 60, Elkmont, 20:27 first in AG
Lance Breedlove, 38, Athens, 22:51
Phillip Stewart, 53, Athens, 23:09 second in AG
Justin Beddingfield, 27, Athens, 24:09
Shawn LaGrone, 34, Athens, 26:58
Debi Crowley, 48, Elkmont, 27:14 second in AG
Denise Sweeney, 43, Athens, 31:32 third in AG
Christy Marchel, 40, Harvest, 31:51
Jessica Dunnavant, 44, Athens, 34:53
Mandy Beddingfield, 29, Athens, 39:06

Senior-most finisher was Ivy Evans, 77, Corinth, Miss., 39:11 third in AG
Junior-most finisher was Turner Collum, 9, Russellville, 32:50 second in AG
Click here for complete AG results.

Click here for results from the one-mile fun run.

Yes, I realize I still have quite a handful of results to catch up on and I'll still do that bit by bit in the next few days.
For now, though, I thought it best to not get any further behind!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Daddy's Little Girl"

Click here for an update on the gender test for the female? runner previously mentioned in this post.


Eurocross 2009 results

Eurocross 5K
June 6, 2009

Eric Patterson, 37, Athens, 23:11 (4/9)
Lanier Greenhaw, 38, Athens 24:33 (5/9)
Joey Butler, 41, Madison, 25:26 (4/13)
Matt Parvin, 22, Athens, 27:29 (5/7)
Madelyn Patton, 46, Madison, 27:32 (1/5)
Chip Patton, 47, Madison, 27:37 (3/11)
Wendell Sandlin, 66, Madison, 29:16 (1/2)
Mark York, 41, Athens, 31:35 (9/13)
Chris Furno, 45, Athens, 32:52 9 (10/11)
Mark Smith, 45, Athens, 33:13 (11/11)
Kevin Smith, 39, Athens, 34:18 (8/9)
Ciera Sandlin, 14, Elkmont, 34:41 (8/12)
Angie Smith, 40, Athens, 36:51 (7/9)
Christy Marchel, 40, Harvest, 39:08 (8/9)
Jacob Davis, 8, Athens, 43:55 (3/3)
Matthew Davis, 34, Athens, 43:56 (13/14)

Eurocross 8K
Eric Patterson, 37, Athens, 36:55 (2/9)
Matthew Davis, 34, Athens, 38:43 (2/6)
Eric Miller, 21, Athens, 42:09 (3/6)
Joey Butler, 41, Madison, 42:57 (6/8)
Madelyn Patton, 46, Madison, 46:08 (1/1)
Chip Patton, 47, Madison, 46:10 (2/2)
Mark York, 41, Athens, 47:06 (7/8)


More missed races - May

Some more notables from May:
Heritage Hustle 5K
Mark York, 41, of Athens ran the Heritage Hustle 5K in Lawrenceburg, TN, on May 30, taking second in his age group in 24:19.
Gurley Library Challenge 5K - May 9
Note: Towns aren't listed as identifying info. These are the names I recognized:
Christy Marchel, 40, 31:07 second in AG
Janet Duncan, 53, 30:13 first in AG
Wendell Sandlin, 66, 24:45 first in AG
Gene Simonson, 85, 43:14 first in AG
2009 10th Annual LNM Run/Walk for Hope 5k Results
Note: I don't know the date of this race, nor AG results. Sorry.
Eric Charette, 17:28 overall winner
Bud Bowen, 20:54
Anne Park, 26:18


Another record for Bolt: 200 in 19.19

Bolt smashes world record in 200


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Running in the News

From time to time we include here on North Alabama Runner national or international news articles about running.
I can think of no comment on the article found at the following link (on Fox Sports) other than


IAAF asks for gender test on runner


Research Run & Steeplechase results

A couple other North Alabama races held back in May include:
**Rocket City Research Run 5K, which took place on May 9 in Huntsville with 85 finishers. Click here for results.
Cities aren't listed but I did recognize the following names:
Luke Mould, 16, 20:54
Mark York, 41, 25:18
Phillip Dean, 55, 26:27
Hyun Sook Clark, 43, 27:21
Jessica Dunnavant, 44, 35:53
**Steeplechase 8K, also May 9, in Decatur.
Click here for results.
Runners of note include:
Madelyn Patton, 46, Madison, 36:28 Female Master
Thomas Calatrello, 14, Athens, 38:58 2nd in AG
Tom Ridinger, 44, Athens, 39:49
Brody Vail, 27, Athens, 40:01
Ronnie Dukes, 60, Decatur, 44:51
Steve Calatrello, 43, Athens, 45:50
Shawn LaGrone, 33, Athens, 47:33
Atina English, 32, Athens, 50:23
Christie Vail, 25, Athens, 50:53
Kevin Younkin, 38, Athens, 53:39
Jenny Jarrett, 32, Athens, 56:31
Becky Bentley, 38, Athens, 1:06:50
Staley Jackson, 28, Athens, 1:06:50
Nancy Hardison, 29, Athens, 1:11:45
Genoa Perry, 36, Athens, 1:15:45

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jesse Owens 10K 2009 Results

The Jesse Owens 10K takes place in Moulton, Ala., each May.
This year's race was held on Saturday, May 16.
Top three finishers were:
Josh Whitehead, 30, Madison, 33:21
Hirbo Hirbo, 22, Russellville, 34:23 first in AG
Austen Shipley, 15, Madison, 35:49 first in AG
The Top three females were:
Whitney Montgomery, 21, Moulton, 42:02
Emily Rutherford, 22, Town Creek, 44:48 first in AG
Tonya Collum, 34, Russellville, 48:12 first in AG
Masters Winners were:
Donald Bowman, 41, Madison, 36:05
Vickie Montgomery, 50, Lacey's Spring, 49:20
Other finishers of note include:
Kimberly Stone, 19, Athens, 1:04:20
Jennifer Pitts, 28, Tanner, 51:18 first in AG
Jonathan Spry, 26, Elkmont, 42:18 third in AG
Eric Schotz, 37, Decatur, 46:23 third in AG
Barry Pugh, 41, Elkmont, 48:28
Mark Swanner, 40, Athens, 56:25 (no heat stroke this year)
Stacey Lemay, 46, Florence, 42:43
Ronnie Nelson, 47, Madison, 45:01
Glen King, 48, Athens, 45:02
Tim Fogg, 47, Athens, 50:07
Janet Duncan, 53, Huntsville, 1:02:36
Phillip Stewart, 53, Athens, 47:20
Ronnie Dukes, 60, Decatur, 55:55
Wendell Sandlin, 66, Madison, 50:46 first in AG
Senior-most finishers were:
Dewayne Morris, 77, Birmingham, 53:26 first in AG
Mac McCrady, 77, Brownsboro, 54:15 second in AG
Lyman Jackson, 77, Madison, 1:04:37 third in AG
Junior-most finisher was:
Brandy Muston, 10 Town Creek, 1:22:06

In the 2-mile event, finishers of note include:
Colby Sneed, 15, Athens, 15:44
Jennifer Pitts, 28, Tanner, 19:06
Jessica Dunnanvant, 44, Athens, 20:39
Carole Davidson, 46, Athens, 23:34
Tom Davidson, 53, Athens, 23:35

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cotton Row Run 2009

This is a really, really big race!
Here's the link to the results page.
Rather than spend hours reviewing the results for Athens-Limestone names, I'm going to ask anyone who ran and wants their time posted here to please leave a comment with your name, age group, and whether you ran the 10K or the 5K. I'll be happy to look up your time for you!
Thanks so much!

Caught in the Act - Phillip S. May 2009

A review of Tanjie's photo files indicates that at least she had good intentions.
She pulled over and jumped out of the car just to snap this pic of Phillip one day back in May.
Thanks for visiting North Alabama Runner.
-- W.Q.

W.Q. is back on deck

Hi, all.
W.Q. here.
First and foremost: Please accept my most sincere apology for the long gap in blog posts. As I believe someone has mentioned on facebook recently (it may have been Eric or Mark) I have been on an extended vacation on an isolated tropical island with no internet access. It was lovely and I got some much needed rest but upon my return -- and much to my dismay -- I discovered that my once-trusty and dependable Gal Friday, Tanjie Schrimsher, had lost all her trusty dependableness and hadn't updated North Alabama Runner in months! And during prime race season, no less!

Rest assured, she's been severely reprimanded and I intend to also serve up a stiff dose of public humiliation for her later on but for now, let's just get back to the business of offering kudos to those making strides in the North Alabama running community.

As mentioned in a previous post, Kathy Youngren ( a Decatur High School graduate and Madison resident ) participated in the Badwater Ultra Marathon in Death Valley back in July. Click here for a DecaturDaily article on her most admirable accomplishment.

It'll take a while, folks, but I intend to somehow catch up on the summer's missed races. Thanks for your patience.

See you again soon,