Saturday, March 21, 2009

Delano Park Results

The Delano Park 12-hour Run took place Saturday, March 14 in Decatur.
Click here for complete results of all races: 12-Hour, 50-Mile, 50K, and Relay.
Towns of residence aren't listed in the results so I'm compiling my "North Alabama Runner" listing by name recognition. I think all these folks should be congratulated on a Job Well-Done!

Glen King, 48, of Athens, 58 miles in 11:56:46
Joey Butler, 40, of Madison, 55 miles in 11:44:01
Paige Dorr, 29, of Decatur, 26 miles in 9:52:02
Suzanne Taylor, 40, of Hampton Cove, 21 miles in 4:09:39

50-Mile (all finishers listed)
Luke Murphy, 27, 6:06:41 (Course record)
Dink Taylor, 43, of Hampton Cove, 6:54:29
Donald Hellen, 44, 8:36:14
Prince Watley, 40, 8:39:28
Michael O'Melia, 47, 8:41:32
Jonathan Columbia, 28, 9:38:57
Kevin Spivey, 42, (19 miles) 3:44:28
Janet Duncan, 53, of Huntsville, (8 miles) 1:41:01

50K (all finishers listed)
Eric Charette, 33, of Huntsville, 3:53:54 Course record
Tim Vinson, 44, 4:12:02
Kathy Youngren, 34, 5:27:11 Course record
Jim Bonds, 58, 5:55:30
Michael Montgomery, 62, 6:25:07
David Jones, 44, 6:44:59

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Huff 'N Puff 15K Results

The Huff 'N Puff on the Bluff 15K took place in Sheffield Saturday, March 14 with 124 finishers.
The Top 3 male finishers were:
Josh Whitehead, 30, of Madison, 52:10
Scott Strand, 41, of Hoover, 55:36
Owen Bradley, 29, Birmingham, 56:00
The Top 3 females were:
Lori Goldweber, 45, of Birmingham, 1:06:00
Christie Thigpen, 33, of Florence, 1:08:22
Sandy Lynch, 39,of Florence, 1:09:26

Mark Swanner, 40, of Athens took second place in his age group in 1:15:30. Last year, when the Huff'N Puff was held in summer after a snowfall postponed the late-spring race, Mark was within a mile of the finish line when he suffered a heat stroke and was unable to finish the race. (You should hear Mark tell the story...he's a bit of a natural comedian, that guy!)
Anyway, it's safe to say he was -- after that -- pleased with this year's performance. Especially considering he came in well under his goal time of 1:16:59!
Go, Mark!
Other Limestone finsihers include:
Barry Pugh, 41, of Elkmont, 1:15:50
Mark York, 41, of Athens, 1:19:06