Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mercedes Awards Winners

The Mercedes Marathon and Half-Marathon took place in Birmingham Sunday morning.
A substantial slate of North Alabama runners participated with an impressive number of those bringing home awards.
In the marathon, overall winner was David Cheruiyot, 38, of Las Cruces, NM, who finished in 2:23:25. First female was Jessica Jacobs, 32, of 2:54:58, of Maylene, AL, who finished fifth overall in 2:54:58.

Dink Taylor, 43, of Hampton Cove, AL, took the masters title, finishing 12th overall in 3:01:29. Female master was Katharine Edmonds, 48, of Birmingham, AL, in 3:18:43.

In addition to Taylor, other North Alabama award winners in the marathon were:

Tyrone Harris, 29, of Athens, who finished third overall in 2:40:07;
Mark Fisher, 18, of Huntsville, 2:56:27 -- first in age group
Christie Thigpen, 33, of Florence, 3:26:40 -- first in age group
Robert Youngren, 34, of Huntsville, 3:01:22 -- first in age group
Sandra Lynch, 39, of Florence, 3:23:49 -- second in age group
John Aikin, 55, of Florence, 3:30:35 -- second in age group
Dick Franklin, 62, of Huntsville -- 3:37:00 -- third in age group

Finishers in the half-marathon who brought awards back home to North Alabama include:

April Brass, 40, of Rainbow City, 1:41:08 -- third in age group
Tim Vinson, 44, of Madison, 1:26:11 -- third in age group
Paul Legrand, 58, of Huntsville, 1:34:50 -- second in age group

For a complete results listing from Sunday's races, click here.

North Alabama Runner will publish an additional post later today with a complete listing of North Alabama finishers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Winds results

A slew of new state records were achieved Sunday afternoon during the Winter Winds races in Huntsville.
Whitney Hollingsworth, 44, of Elkmont, was one of 11 record-breakers in the 4-mile race, finishing in 28:08, shattering the old 29:02 four-mile record for 44-year-old females.
Madelyn Patton, 46, of Madison, was one of 7 to break records in the 2-mile event. Madelyn, who along with husband, Chip, frequently joins in group training runs with a bunch of Limestone County folks, finished the 2-miler in 13:24, shaving 17 seconds off the old record of 13:41.
Several runners broke records in both events, including Anne Park; 69, George DeWitt, 58; Jamie Clay,52; Candance Jacobs, 28; and David Riddle, 27.
Limestone runners in the 4-miler include:
Phillip Stewart, 52, Athens, 33:51 (Phillip also ran the Mercedes Half-Marathon Sunday morning in Birmingham!!!!)
Phillip Dean, 54, Athens, 35:23
Whitney Hollingsworth, 44, Elkmont, 28:08
Elizabeth Kenney, 49, Harvest, 35:19
Glen King, 48, Athens, 28:53
Barry Pugh, 41, Athens, 30:26
Mark Swanner, 40, Athens, 33:46
Jessica Barlow, 35, Harvest, 39:48
Chris Barlow, 37, Harvest, 39:58
Jennifer Pitts, 27, Tanner, 35:12
Sara Shults, 22, Athens, 35:26
Limestone finishers in the 2-miler include:
Phillip Dean, 54, Athens, 16:57
Phillip Stewart, 52, Athens, 18:25
Janet Ford, 44, Ardmore,28:13
Glen King, 48, Athens, 13:30
Barry Pugh, 41, Athens, 14:01
Mike Greene, 46, Harvest, 24:51 (Mike is getting back in the mix after an injury. Go, Mike!)
Deanna McNeill, 39, Athens, 31:16
Tim McNeill, 38, Athens, 13:44
Jennifer Pitts, 27, Tanner, 16:09
Warren McNeill, 14, Athens, 20:07

For a complete results listing from the 2- and 4-mile events click here to go to the Huntsville Track Club's results page.