Friday, February 6, 2009

Backtracking (My apologies, Chip & Madelyn)

The Auburn Classic Half-Marathon took place Saturday, Jan. 17 in Auburn.
Madison residents (and Duck & Runners) Chip & Madelyn Patton were among North Alabama participants in the race.
For complete results click the following link.
Auburn Classic Half-Marathon results.
The results listing includes names and finish times I had to rely on name recognition to look for other North Alabama finishers. Sorry if I missed anyone or included any erroneous info.

Scott Butler 1:32:05
Jonathon Spry 1:35:05
Paige Dorr 1:41:46
Jennie Rountree 1:43:50
Madelyn Patton 1:55:45
Chip Patton 1:55:47
Melissa Butler 2:03:12
Brian Merriweather 2:26:23