Thursday, August 20, 2009

More missed races - May

Some more notables from May:
Heritage Hustle 5K
Mark York, 41, of Athens ran the Heritage Hustle 5K in Lawrenceburg, TN, on May 30, taking second in his age group in 24:19.
Gurley Library Challenge 5K - May 9
Note: Towns aren't listed as identifying info. These are the names I recognized:
Christy Marchel, 40, 31:07 second in AG
Janet Duncan, 53, 30:13 first in AG
Wendell Sandlin, 66, 24:45 first in AG
Gene Simonson, 85, 43:14 first in AG
2009 10th Annual LNM Run/Walk for Hope 5k Results
Note: I don't know the date of this race, nor AG results. Sorry.
Eric Charette, 17:28 overall winner
Bud Bowen, 20:54
Anne Park, 26:18


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