Wednesday, April 15, 2009

McKay Hollow 1/2-Marathon Results

Long overdue, here are some notes from the McKay Hollow Half-Marathon Trail Run which took place March 28 in Huntsville.
No age-group awards were presented in this event but I'm including age-group rankings for informational purposes.

Top Three overall finishers were:
David Riddle, 27, of Huntsville, 1:40:20
Eric Charette, 33, of Huntsville, 1:51:51
DeWayne Satterfield, 44, of Huntsville, 1:53:18
Top Three females were:
Jessica Southers, 26, of Nashville, 2:13:14
Dana Overton, 34, of Albertville, 2:24:08
Katie Maehlmann, 31, of Madison, 2:40:21

Finishers of North-Alabama-Runner acclaim include:

Eric Patterson, 36, of Athens, 2:18:19 (3rd of 9 in AG; 19th overall)
Tom Holt, 43, of Athens, 2:30:45 (9th of 22 in AG; 36th overall)
Joey Butler, 40, of Madison, 2:31:44 (10th of 22 in AG; 38th overall)
Debi Crowley, 47, of Elkmont, 2:54:11 (2nd of 4 in AG; 73rd overall)
James Grantham, 46, of Athens, 2:54:26 (11th of 17 in AG; 75th overall)
Laura Charette, 33, of Huntsville, 3:46:33 (6th of 7 in AG; 124th overall)
Brian Merriweather, 38, of Huntsville, 4:08:24 (18th of 18 in AG; (135th overall)
Linda Scavarda, 25, of Toney, 4:59:13, (7th of 7 in AG; 142 overall).

Click here for complete results as posted at the Huntsville Track Club website.

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