Monday, March 9, 2009

Soles for Souls 5K Results

The Soles for Souls 5K took place Saturday, March 7 in Muscle Shoals with 100 finishers. (Soles for Souls in the Shoals! Ha! Say that five times really fast!)
Anyway, click here for age-group results.

Top three males were:
Les Corsbie, 38, of Muscle Shoals, 19:03
Andrew Duff, 14, of Florence, 19:07
Todd Allen, 38, of Muscle Shoals, 19:39
Top three females were:
Christie Thigpen, 33, of Florence, 21:14
Kristy Tompkins, 38, of Flornece, 23:29
April Novak, 38, of Muscle Shoals, 23:47

Limestone finishers were:
Alissa Stevens, 27, of Athens, 30:32 (second in age group)
Kristy Swanner, 35, of Athens, 35:01
Jessica Dunnavant, 43, of Athens, 34:36 (second in age group)

The one-miler held in conjunction with the 5K boasted 87 finishers. Click here for full results on that.

The Top 3 males in the one-miler were:
Steven Fiscus, 17, of Tuscumbia, 5:49.53
Andrew Duff, 14, of Florence, 5:55.75
Sam Hurst, 19, of Florence, 6:19.28
The Top 3 females were:
Olivia Johnson, 15, of Muscle Shoals, 7:04.98
Rachel Stowe, 11, of Town Creek,7:18.10
Victoria Schafer, 10, of Florence, 7:38.55

Limestone finishers included:
Brooklyn Swanner, 4, of Athens, 14:04.09

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