Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Caught in the Act - both Phillips & Sook

Don't have any photos...my camera's feeling a bit under the weather...but I saw Phillip Stewart yesterday as Nash and I arrived at the Swan Creek Greenway for some little-boy-who-loves-to-throw-rocks-in-the-creek time.
Phillip was just finishing a couple loops of the track so we stopped for a few minutes of chit-chat before Nash and I headed out onto the trail.
We hadn't been strolling along long when we encountered Phillip Stewart and Sook Clark running the trail with their three dogs. (Phillip has a little dog - maybe along the lines of a Jack Russell and Sook has two big ones - a dalmation and a lab, I think). All three dogs had already been galumphing through the creek and were wet and happy and having a great time running along with their masters.
There were a lot of people on the trail yesterday afternoon...both walkers and runners. What a wonderful asset the Greenway is for Athens!

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