Saturday, November 29, 2008

Living Waters 5K Results

The Living Waters for the World 5K Run took place at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Decatur this morning. In its second year, the race attracted 75 runners, an admirable increase from last year's inaugural turnout of 57. Good Job, race planners!

Josh Whitehead, 30, of Madison, took the win in 16:39.
Madelyn Patton, 46, of Madison, took the female title in 21:37.
Dink Taylor, 43, of Huntsville, was the male masters winner in 18:55.
Jennie Rountree, 48, of Madison, took the female masters win in 22:21.

Limestone finishers were:

Phillip Dean, 54, of Athens, 25:30
Mark York, 40, of Athens, 26:04
Edie Davies, 54, of Tanner, 29:22
Jonathon Smith, 36, of Athens, 34:10
Jessica Dunnavant, 43, of Athens, 38:05

Senior-Most Finisher was Jim Howell, 87, of Huntsville, 37:00.
Junior-Most Finisher was John Reese Ham, 8, of Decatur, 25:39.

Click here for results, as posted at the River City Runners website.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tyrone Harris takes overall second in Atlanta!

Athens' perpetual Duck & Run winner, Tyrone Harris, 29, placed second overall in the Weather Channel Atlanta Marathon on Thanksgiving morning, covering the 26.2 miles in an awesomely impressive 2:44:11.

Here's Tyrone at the Cotton Row Run 10K in Huntsville in May.
Click here for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article on Thursday's race.
There were 730 finishers in the marathon and 8,695 in the half-marathon.

Other North Alabama finishers in the Marathon were:
Alice Lessman, 33, of Madison, 4:26:23
Benjamin Gibbons22, of Huntsville, 4:32:13

North Alabama finishers in the Half-Marathon were:
Leland Collins, 15, of Huntsville, 1:26:32
Scott Butler, 45, of Madison, 1:34:54
Clark Crosson, 24, of Huntsville, 2:04:20
Caroline Crackel, 25, of Huntsville, 2:04:57
Melissa Butler, 47, of Madison, 2:05:58
Richard Toliver, 61, of Huntsville, 2:18:00
Linda Toliver, 62, of Huntsville, 2:49:41

Turkey Trot 5K Results

There were 745 finishers in the Crisis Services HELPline Turkey Trot 5K Thanksgiving morning on the campus of the University of Alabama at Huntsville.
Overall winner was James Erickson, 22, of Charlottesville, VA, 16:43
Overall female was Kristina Vaughn, 18, of Madison, 19:31
Masters Male was Jon Elmore, 42, of Decatur, 17:44
Masters Female was Renee Pickard, 50, of Moravian Falls, NC, 22:10

Limestone runners include:
Barry Pugh, 41, Athens, 22:51
Phillip Stewart, 52, Athens, 23:03
Lucas Bullington, 17, Athens, 24:10
Jennifer Pitts, 27, Tanner, 25:11
Tim Fogg, 46, Athens, 25:28
Phillip Dean, 54, Athens, 26:38
Mike Murphree, 28, Athens, 27:04
Elizabeth Franks, 49, Athens, 27:46
Tom Ridinger, 43, Athens, 28:33
Laura Laxson, 25, Athens, 30:56
Susan Sims, 34, Athens, 31:14
Kevin Smith, 39, Athens, 32:20
Warren McNeill, 14, Athens, 32:22
Tim McNeill, 38, Athens, 32:24
Peter Saunders, 62, Toney, 33:23
Cathie Morris, 48, 33:39
Cale Abernathy, 28, Athens, 35:24
Megan Haney, 32, Athens, 36:07
Tom Abernathy, 56, Athens, 36:18
Jessica Dunnavant, 43, Athens, 36:34
Ruth-Anne Brown, 20, Elkmont, 39:03
Russ Brown, 25, Elkmont, 39:03
Julie Brown, 45, Elkmont, 43:45
Shelley Merrill, 46, Athens, 52:17

Junior-most finisher was
Phoebe Duncan, 5, of Huntsville, 57:41

Senior-most finishers were two 87-year-olds:
Jim Howell, of Huntsville, 38:22 (third in age group), and
Joe Caldaron, of Madison, 1:02:48.

Click here for complete age-group results as posted on the Huntsville Track Club website.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Turket Trot 5K is Thanksgiving morning.

Here's your chance to burn off those Turkey Day calories before you even begin your feast while at the same time helping those who may be experiencing less-fortunate circumstances.
The 15th Annual Crisis Services HELPline Turkey Trot 5K & Tiny Tot Turkey Trot takes place Thanksgiving Day at 8 a.m. on the UAH Campus. HELPline is a 24/7 community crisis line and information referral service serving Jackson, Limestone, Madison and Morgan counties. Some 30,000 people access HELPline services each year.
A food drive is being held in conjunction with this race so remember to bring along a can or two (or ten!) of something delicious non-perishable.
Click here for a printable entry form.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dam Bridge Run & Dizzy Fifties results

The Dam Bridge Run 10,000-meter race took place in Florence on Saturday, Nov. 22.
Limestone finishers include:
Luke Mould, 15, Athens, 41:01 (second in age group)
Alex Holt, 15, Athens, 42:56
Tom Holt, 43, Athens, 43:25 (second in age group)
Barry Pugh, 41, Athens, 46:17 (note: Barry is mistakenly listed in the 45-49 age group in official results posted at
Tom Davidson, 53, Athens, 47:39 (second in age group)
Mark Swanner, 40, Athens, 47:58
Glen King, 48, Athens, 47:59
Matthew Belew, 15, Athens, 49:24
Mike Boyles, 50, Athens, 56:30
Jennifer Gresham, 33, Athens, 59:10

Overall winners were as follows:

Male (top three)
Lucas Sieb, 15, Scottsboro, 32:45
Eric Charette, 32, Huntsville, 34:45
Hirbo Hirbo, 22, Russellville, 36:37

Female (top three)

Emily Ryan, 31 Nashville, 40:45
Sandy Lynch, 39 Florence, 42:15
Christie Thigpen, 33 Florence, 43:09

Masters Male
Jon Elmore, 42, Decatur, 37:06

Masters Female
Madelyn Patton, 46, Madison, 45:00

Senior-Most finisher was Jim Howell, 87, Huntsville, 1:18:30 (first in age-group)
Junior-Most finisher was Rhett Ryan, 11, Muscle Shoals, 51:15 (second in age group)

Also Saturday, the Dizzy Fifties 50K, 40-Mile & 50-Mile Trail Runs took place in Huntsville. Results are posted on the Huntsville Track Club website.

Limestone Countians in the race include:
Tony King, 43, Athens, who finished the 50K in 5:34:53.
There were no other Limestone finishers in Dizzy Fifties, unless, of course, they live in such annexed areas as Toney, Harvest or Madison. I really have no way of knowing whether those folks live in Limestone or not.
If you are a runner who (regardless of where you live) would like to be included among results listings on North Alabama Runner, please shoot me an e-mail at Let me know when you'll be running a race. I'll be sure to look you up in the results and include you in my race spotlights.

One such friend of North Alabama Runner is Tom Smith.
Smith, 55, of Hampton Cove, ran the 50K Saturday in 5:40:27.
Way to go, Tom!