Friday, September 12, 2008

Duck & Run registrants as of Sept. 18


Brandon Adair, 24M, Woodville
Laura Agee, 43F, Athens
Ryanne Atkins, 13F, Athens
Jennie Barnett, 34F, Elkmont
Brandon Black, 29M, Birmingham
Bud Bowen, 59M, Elkmont
Julie Brown, 45F, Elkmont
Karen Brown, 45F, Athens
Richard Brown, 46M, Athens
Teresa Browning, 39F, Athens
Chase Cantrell, 21M, Athens
Keri Chalmers, 37F, Athens
Prentice Chandler, 29M, Athens
Hyun Sook Clark, 42F, Huntsville
Janet Couch, 41F, Elkmont
Savanah Couch, 13F, Elkmont
Sharon Connealy, 47F, Athens
Ashley Craig, 13F, Elkmont
Anna Creekmore, 10F, Madison
Michelle Creekmore, 36F, Madison
Matthew Davis, 33M, Athens
Phillip Dean, 54M, Athens
Lora Elgan, 45F, Madison
Rob Elgan, 44M, Madison
Atina English, 32F, Athens
Eldon Franks, 47M, Athens
Elizabeth Franks, 49F, Athens
Mike Greene, 45M, Harvest
Lanier Greenhaw, 37M, Athens
Angela Harrison, 21F, Athens
Kevin Holland, 47M, Athens
Whitney Hollingsworth, 44F, Elkmont
Ed Hoover, 69M, Huntsville
Michael Horrocks, 26M, Huntsville
Jim Howell, 87M, Huntsville
Alison Jay, 13F, Athens
Alidon Johnson, 38F, Athens
Glen King, 47M, Athens
John Lindley, 21M, Athens
Tyler Mann, 15M, Madison
Scott McCormick, 26M, Athens
Tim McNeill, 37M, Athens
Warren McNeill, 14M, Athens
Shelley Merrill, 46F, Athens
Cathie Morris, 48F, Athens
Katherine Nayman, 11F, Meridianville
Eric Patterson, 36M, Athens
Chip Patton, 46M, Madison
Madelyn Patton, 46F, Madison
Jessie Pierce, 30F, Elkmont
Jennifer Pitts, 27F, Tanner
Charlotte Quinn, 15F, Athens
David Quinn, 42M, Athens
Melinda Quinn, 43F, Athens
Rachel Quinn, 18F, Athens
Leah Reid, 45F, Athens
Michelle Riddle, 40F, Moulton
Lindsey Risdon, 18F, Athens
Jennifer Sample, 30F, Athens
Wendell Sandlin, 65M, Madison
Sara Shults, 21F, Athens
Adam Starnes, 15M, Athens
Whitney Stephens, 21F, Athens
Kristy Swanner, 35F, Athens
Mark Swanner, 40M, Athens
Treva Taylor, 37F, Athens
Julie Thomason, 59F, Ardmore
Lori Vining, 29F, Athens
Christopher Walker, 34M, Lawrenceburg, TN
Nora Williams, 35F, Athens

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lexington Founder's Day 5K results

The results from Saturday's Founder's Day 5K in Lexington are posted at the ShoalsTrac website.

The overall winner (18:42) was Brandon Black, 29, of Birmingham. I don't know if this is the same guy, but there's a runner right around the same age who is a native of Limestone County. I haven't seen him around in a while so, maybe he's moved to Birmingham and was in town this weekend. If so, Great Job, Brandon! If not, Great Job, Brandon! Either way!

Other Limestone runners who finished this race include:

Sarah Blakely, 27, Athens, 28:01 (second in age group)
Prentice Chandler, 29, Athens, 22:13 (second in age group)
Barry Pugh, 40, Elkmont, 22:10 (first in age group)
Glenn Alexander, 44, Athens, 22:59 (second in age group)
Phillip Dean, 54, Athens, 25:54

The event also featured a one-mile fun run.
Limestone runners in that race were:

Sadie McIntyre, 8, Athens, 9:25.71
Luke McIntyre, 6, Athens, 10:51.90

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