Saturday, July 19, 2008

DaDooRunRun 5K Results

The DaDooRunRun 5K and one-mile fun run, held in conjunction with the W.C. Handy Music Festival each year took place in Florence this morning (Saturday, July 19) with 175 finishers in the 5K. Results are posted at

This must have been one excited race for those watching as well as for the first three overall finishers. They were all three fast and finished within four seconds of each other!
Top three finishers:
1st Nebiyu Osman, 16, of Russellville, 17:28
2nd Hirbo Hirbo, 22, of Russellville, 17:32
3rd Eric Charette, 32, of Huntsville, 17:32

Top female finishers were:
1st Linda Scavarda, 24, ofToney, 19:51
2nd Sandy Lynch, 39, of Florence, 20:15
3rd Christie Thigpen, 32, of Florence, 21:09

Top Masters finishers:
Stacy LeMay, 46M, of Florence, 19:50
Pam Berry, 52F, of Hartselle, 25:36

Limestone finishers:
* Christopher Hobbs, 19, of Athens, 19:39 (third in age group)
* Mark Swanner, 39, of Athens, 24:51
* Barry Pugh, 40, of Athens, 25:00
* Glen King, 47, of Athens, 23:28

In the one-mile results, 3-year-old Brooklyn Swanner of Athens was the sole Limestone finisher among 63 listed. Brooklyn finished in 14:59.97 to take the third-place slot in her age group. Great Job!

HTC Twilight 5K is tonight

HTC Twilight 5K

The Huntsville Track Club Twilight 5K is this evening (Saturday, July 19) on the UAH campus. Formerly known as the Women's Distance Festival 5K, the event features separate races for males and females.
Race-day registration is $15.
Registration and packet pickup for those pre-registered begin at 5:30 p.m.
A 1-mile kids fun run starts at 6:10 followed by the
Men's 5K at 6:30 and the
Women's 5K at 7:15.
Awards & Door Prizes will be presented at 8 p.m.
For complete info click on the race calender at the HTC website.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stupid Crimanathlete?

Everyone loves a good "stupid crook" story so, since yesterday's post was about triathlon, I thought I'd go with that theme today, as well, and share a news article I happened upon yesterday from the Boston Herald.
Seems a 29-year-old triathlete wannabe stole a bicycle. The story doesn't say whether police were already chasing him when he took off pedaling or if they soon gave chase. In any case, they were after him on the bike when he ditched it and jumped off a bridge into Boston Harbor, swam to shore, then took off running before the cops (at least one sprinter among them, I'm guessing) nabbed him, cutting his Ironman aspirations short.
Somehow, I kinda doubt that members of the Boston Triathlon Team will bother with trying to recruit him when he gets out of jail.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wet Dog Triathlon Results

The 9th annual Wet Dog Triathlon (400-meter swim/15K bike/5K run) took place in Decatur last Saturday, July 12. This is a sprint-distance tri and is a fabulous race for those looking to give multisport a first-time try. (This does not mean it's easy or not-at-all challenging!)
In 2003, the Wet Dog was my first triathlon and it was just awesome! I had such fun, though when I was in the water I was thinking "Never again! If I survive this, never again!"
But by the time I was running from the water en route to my bike, I was already trying to figure out ways to improve on my time! Triathlon, like running, gets in your blood!

* Athens' own Andy Davidson, 18, a regular at North Alabama running events, took first place in his age group with a 54:24.
* Madelyn Patton, 45, of Decatur, another regular in area running, took the Overall Female Masters title with an overall finish of 1:03:15! Way To Go, Madelyn!
* Heather Robinson, another Athens runner, made the 2008 Wet Dog her first triathlon, finishing in 1:10:42.
* Another well-known area runner who was a first-timer at the Wet Dog was Jon Elmore, 42, of Decatur, who finished in 1:00:32.

Athens-Limestone finishers in the Wet Dog include:

* Heather Robinson, 33, 1:10:42
* Angie Smith, 39, 1:18:09
* Angela McKenzie, 45, 1:21:41
* Beth Maher, 50, 1:25:25
* Andy Davidson, 18, 54:24 (first in age group!)
* Clark Stiles, 32, 1:08:17 (first-timer)
* Tom Holt, 43, 54:26 (second in age group!)
* Mike Maher, 50, 1:25:22 (first-timer)

For complete results on the Wet Dog 2008 click here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Karnazes, Badwater featured on 60 Minutes

I'm keeping this short, so Mr. Howell's bday post will still be visible below. Click here for a bunch of cool features on ultra marathoners.

It's somebody's birthday today...

Jim Howell is 87 today!
Mr. Howell is well-known in the North Alabama running community for his drive to grab a new slate of state records each year.

He currently holds these records:
* one-mile for each year ages 82-86
* 2-mile for each year ages 83-86
* 5K for each year ages 82-86
* 4-mile for each year ages 82-86
* 8K for each each year ages 82-85
* 10K for each year ages 82-85
* 15K for each year ages 82-86 and
* 10-mile for each year ages 82-85

Happy birthday, Mr. Howell!
We can't wait to see you shatter the 87-slot records in the coming months!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Want You!


If you are a runner who also blogs, please allow your blog to be included on the North Alabama Runner bloglist!
Just add a comment to this post including both your e-mail address and your URL or send an e-mail with that info to


Monday, July 14, 2008

Dub's Burgers article

The following article was originally published in Dec. 2007 in FYI Magazine, a publication of The News Courier.

By Tanjie Schrimsher
For The News Courier
Lanier Greenhaw has many fond childhood memories of time spent by his father’s side at Dub’s Burgers. And now, Lanier’s two young sons, Guy and Ben, are making similar memories of their own.
On Sept. 1, Lanier closed the doors on Greenhaw Moving, which he had owned and operated in Athens for 18 years, and took the reins of Dub’s Burgers from his parents, Jimmy and Kitty Greenhaw.
Dub’s Burgers has long been an icon in the Athens community, well-known for thick, juicy burgers served on warm buns alongside heaping stacks of tasty French fries or onion rings.
“My great-uncle Dub started Dub’s Burgers in 1961 and he ran it for 22 years,” Lanier said.
After that, Lanier’s parents and his uncle and aunt, Herbie and Jo Ellen Greenhaw, partnered to operate Dub’s, which is located in the Crutcher Shopping Center on Jefferson Street between Lee and South streets, and Kreme Delite at the corner of Washington and Madison streets.
Herbie retired a few years ago and Jimmy continued to operate both eateries until passing Dub’s on to Lanier. Jimmy still runs Kreme Delite and visits Dub’s every day.
“Technically he’s retired from Dub’s but he doesn’t’ really have any hobbies and he’s just always loved to work,” Lanier said. “He asked me if it bothers me that he’s there every day and I said ‘No, it doesn’t bother me. People love to come in and see you.’”
Lanier said he’s enjoying being able to spend more time with his boys and wife, Missy, than his work with the moving company afforded.

“Dub’s almost kind of runs itself because the employees have been there so long,” he said. “One has been there 22 years and two others have been there off and on for about 20 years.”
While lunch is by far the busiest time of day at Dub’s, breakfast time brings in its own crowd of regulars.
“We have a big group who comes in to drink coffee every morning,” Lanier said.
These morning regulars, of course, mull over the news of the day – whatever’s the hot topic in Athens, Limestone or beyond.
“A lot of problems have been solved at that table,” Lanier said.
Dub’s Burgers is located in the Crutcher Center on Jefferson Street at South and Lee.
Hours are 8 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. Monday – Friday and 8 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Saturday.
Phone: 232-6135

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Run for St. Jude results

The Run for St. Jude 5k and one-miler took place Friday night in Florence.
There were 122 finishers in the 5K and 65 in the one-mile.

Two young Athenians took top spots in the 0-5 age group in the one-mile race.
Alyssa Carlota, 4, and Brooklyn Swanner, 3, took second and third respectively with times of 13:30 & 14:37.
Great Job Girls!

Limestone finishers in the 5K were:

Bud Bowen, 59, Elkmont, 21:19 (first in age group)
Glen King, 47, Athens, 23:15
Mark Swanner, 39, Athens, 24:25 (third in age group)
Amy Carlota, 37, Athens, 24:54 (first in age group)
Kristy Swanner, 35, Athens, 40:33
Carrie Swanner, 28, (no town listed), 40:34