Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Duck & Run 2008 Registrant List

The following is a list of those registered as of Sept. 10, 2008

Ryanne Atkins, 13F, Athens
Jennie Barnett, 34F, Elkmont
Bud Bowen, 59M, Elkmont
Julie Brown, 45F, Elkmont
Karen Brown, 45F, Athens
Richard Brown, 46M, Athens
Keri Chalmers, 37F, Athens
Prentice Chandler, 29M, Athens
Hyun Sook Clark, 42F, Huntsville
Janet Couch, 41F, Elkmont
Savanah Couch, 13F, Elkmont
Sharon Connealy, 47F, Athens
Anna Creekmore, 10F, Madison
Michelle Creekmore, 36F, Madison
Phillip Dean, 54M, Athens
Lucas Elliott, 14M, Elkmont
Eldon Franks, 47M, Athens
Elizabeth Franks, 49F, Athens
Lanier Greenhaw, 37M, Athens
Angela Harrison, 21F, Athens
Kevin Holland, 47M, Athens
Alison Jay, 13F, Athens
Glen King, 47M, Athens
Tim McNeill, 37M, Athens
Warren McNeill, 14M, Athens
Shelley Merrill, 46F, Athens
Cathie Morris, 48F, Athens
Eric Patterson, 36M, Athens
Chip Patton, 46M, Madison
Madelyn Patton, 46F, Madison
Jessie Pierce, 30F, Elkmont
Jennifer Pitts, 27F, Tanner
Michelle Riddle, 40F, Moulton
Jennifer Sample, 30F, Athens
Wendell Sandlin, 65M, Madison
Adam Starnes, 15M, Athens
Whitney Stephens, 21F, Athens
Christopher Walker, 34M, Lawrenceburg, TN
Nora Williams, 35F, Athens