Sunday, December 7, 2008

Frosty Freeze 5K Results

The results for the Frosty Freeze 5K are posted here.
The race took place Saturday, Dec. 6 in Decatur.
Limestone County finishers included:

Tyrone Harris, Athens, 16:57.4
Troy Connealy, Athens, 25:39.1
Phillip Dean, Athens, 26:15.8
Julie Reid, Athens, 26:39.9
Leah Reid, Athens, 29:35.9
Edie Davies, Tanner, 30:09.1
Ciera Sandlin, Athens, 30:12.7
Cathie Morris, Athens, 30:55.3
Lauren Batts, Athens, 32:27.5
Marilyn Batts, Athens, 32:54.5
Sharon Connealy, Athens, 34:11.8
David Yeager, Athens, 36:09.04
Duke Yeager, Athens, 36:09.6
Jessica Dunnavant, Athens, 37:35.1
Kelly Hendon, Athens, 41:43.9
There are no ages listed for the runners so I don't have any info on divisional winners.
One-mile Fun Run results are posted here.

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