Friday, November 28, 2008

Tyrone Harris takes overall second in Atlanta!

Athens' perpetual Duck & Run winner, Tyrone Harris, 29, placed second overall in the Weather Channel Atlanta Marathon on Thanksgiving morning, covering the 26.2 miles in an awesomely impressive 2:44:11.

Here's Tyrone at the Cotton Row Run 10K in Huntsville in May.
Click here for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article on Thursday's race.
There were 730 finishers in the marathon and 8,695 in the half-marathon.

Other North Alabama finishers in the Marathon were:
Alice Lessman, 33, of Madison, 4:26:23
Benjamin Gibbons22, of Huntsville, 4:32:13

North Alabama finishers in the Half-Marathon were:
Leland Collins, 15, of Huntsville, 1:26:32
Scott Butler, 45, of Madison, 1:34:54
Clark Crosson, 24, of Huntsville, 2:04:20
Caroline Crackel, 25, of Huntsville, 2:04:57
Melissa Butler, 47, of Madison, 2:05:58
Richard Toliver, 61, of Huntsville, 2:18:00
Linda Toliver, 62, of Huntsville, 2:49:41

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Eric said...

Thanks for this! I appreciate all your work to keep us updated on Limestone County runners. Go Tyrone!!!