Sunday, November 2, 2008

More High School CC Results

Cold Springs High School in Bremen hosted the AHSAA Section 3 Qualifying Meet Thursday. (Thanks to Barry Pugh for cluing me in on this!) Limestone schools in attendance were Clements, Elkmont and West Limestone. Click here for today's News Courier article about the meet.
Both the Clements Boys & Girls teams took second place in the 1A-2A 5K. Click here for Boys' results.
Click here for Girls' results.
Clements runners and their finish times were:
Roger Good, 18:50.17
Robert Altgibbers, 19:02.96
Trey McMeans, 19:33.62
Chris Colwell, 19:48.12
Will Patrick, 20:01.98
Allison Jay, 21:14.75
Luke Moore, 21:34.61
Lee Thomas, 22:45.04
Victoria Holland, 24:35.04
Ryanne Atkins, 25:16.60
Haley Hammonds, 25:53.17
Rebecca Holland, 31:51.20

In 3A action, both the West Limestone Boys and Girls took second place and the Elkmont Girls took third. Click here for Boys' results.
Click here for Girls' results.
West Limestone runners were:
Breck Johnson, 19:29.94
Jordan Romine, 19:50.96
Austin Reeves, 20:08.46
Kyle Thornton, 20:30.16
Lee White, 20:30.82
Jordan Oles, 20:50.09
Kenley Crouch, 22:27.47
Jenna Tyler, 22:34.27
Thomas Peek, 23:49.14
Destiny Stanley, 24:31.62
Paige Browning, 25:22.18
Katelyn Jarrell, 26:28.49
Paige Logalbo, 28:12.64
Dakota Woods, 28:43.79

Elkmont's Hayden Miller finished second overall among 3A males in 18:21.90.
Other Elkmont runners were:
Sloan Hawkins, 22:26.85
Jackson Miller, 23:53.74
Jensen Pugh, 24:13.93
Ciera Sandlin, 24:21.93
Ashlin Bailey, 25:04.76
Carson Goodman, 25:25.21
Kimberly Schmidt, 26:53.32
Kaylee Byrme, 27:23.26
Ashley Craig, 30:55.73
Chloe Hollingsworth, 33:28.77

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