Monday, October 27, 2008

Caught In The Act - Tyrone

Saw Tyrone Harris out running this morning as I was headed to an appointment across town. As it happened, my appointment was at a business he passes on the back portion of his typical route.

I thought "Caught In The Act" would make a neat feature on days I can't find any race results or interesting running articles. After all, I always have my camera handy and I see people out running all the time.
What fun!


Eric said...

You'll have to have a good flash to catch me in the act! Most of my runs are happening before dawn these days. Maybe that will change when the time does.

Tanjie said...

Maybe I'll catch you at the half-marathon. I'm planning to shoot the start, then run the 5K, then shoot some more near the finish line.

Runner1 said...

it was good to see you Tanjie. Im pretty sure that ill be at the half marathon. If not i'll be getting ready for the Atlanta Marathon on Thanksgiving Day.

Tanjie said...

Maybe I'll see you in Huntsville. I definitely won't be in Atlanta, though.
I will, however, look you up in the results for kudos on North Alabama Runner!