Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Midnight Run results

The Cullman Midnight Run results from Friday night's race are posted (sort of) at the Cullman Parks & Recreation website.
Division awards can be found here.
Full (sort of) results can be found here.

Overall Winner was E.C. Gibbs of Cullman.
Overall Female was Jennifer Dunn of Decatur.
Overall Masters Male was Barry Ege of Hanceville.
Overall Masters Female was JoAnn Jetton of Decatur.

Note: I'm sorry I don't have ages and times listed. That info isn't indicated in the official division results. In the full results, times are listed but city and, again, age, are not. Because the city is only listed in the division awards listing, that's the only list I've been able to compile of Limestone runners. Sorry.

Limestone award winners are:

John Farmer, Toney, first in age group
Glen King, Athens, second in age group
Bud Bowen, Elkmont, first in age group

I'm sure there are more Limestone folks who ran the race, too. I did peruse the results looking for familiar names and noticed that Barry Pugh of Elkmont and Mark Swanner of Athens, who both ran the Sunset 5K in Sheffield Friday evening, had then made the trek to Cullman to run at Midnight as well. Wow!

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