Friday, July 18, 2008

Stupid Crimanathlete?

Everyone loves a good "stupid crook" story so, since yesterday's post was about triathlon, I thought I'd go with that theme today, as well, and share a news article I happened upon yesterday from the Boston Herald.
Seems a 29-year-old triathlete wannabe stole a bicycle. The story doesn't say whether police were already chasing him when he took off pedaling or if they soon gave chase. In any case, they were after him on the bike when he ditched it and jumped off a bridge into Boston Harbor, swam to shore, then took off running before the cops (at least one sprinter among them, I'm guessing) nabbed him, cutting his Ironman aspirations short.
Somehow, I kinda doubt that members of the Boston Triathlon Team will bother with trying to recruit him when he gets out of jail.

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