Saturday, June 7, 2008

Huff 'N Puff on the Bluff 15K results

Results are posted at ShoalsTRAC for the Huff N Puff on the Bluff 15K, which took place in Sheffield today (Saturday, June 7). The race was originally scheduled for March 8 but was postponed due to hazardous road/trail conditions after snow blanketed the Tennesse Valley that morning.

Overall winner in the sixth-annual trail run was Scott Strand, 40, of Homewood, who ran a 52:56 (Wow! That's a 5:41-per-mile pace!). The second- and third-place finishers were also in the over-40 set: Donald Bowman, 40, of Madison, 57:18; and John Charlton, 42, of Columbia, SC, 59:36.
Overall female was Whitney Montgomery, 20, of Moulton, 1:06:28. Second- and third- females were Lori Goldweber, 44, of Birmingham, 1:07:38; and Sandy Lynch, 38, of Florence, 1:07:53.

Athens runners among the 120 finishers were:
Tim Fogg, 46; 1:18:32 (third in age group) (32nd overall)
Mark Maclin, 34; 1:18:45 (third in age group) (34th overall)
Glen King, 47; 1:22:59 (48th overall)
Barry Pugh, 40; 1:26:28 (64th overall)

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