Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eurocross results

Results from Saturday's Eurocross 5K and 8K races are now posted on the Huntsville Track Club website.
Limestone runners in the 5K included:

Lanier Greenhaw, 37, Athens, 25:19
Chris Furno, 44, Athens, 33:46
Kevin Smith, 38, Athens, 35:56
Angie Smith, 39, Athens, 36:08
Jennifer Pitts, 27, Tanner, 38:55

Limestone runners in the 8K were:

Trey Rainmwater, 31, Athens, 50:21
Sarah Coleman, 30, Athens, 51:08
Mark York, 40, Athens, 64:23

If these finish times seem slow, it's because the Eurocross is no ordinary race.
As noted in official registration info:

"The challenge of the Eurocross lies in hurdling hay bales, sloshing through a creek, running through a forested section and grunting up one short, but steep hill."

Sounds like great fun!
Congrats to all those who completed one or both Eurocross races this year!

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Aubie2 said...

It's a very fun race. Kind of like being a kid again.
Wear old shoes and old clothes. Tie your shoes tight as some get lost in the mud.