Sunday, January 27, 2008

Running Down a Dream

First things first, the following link will take you to the Huntsville Times article about the Mountain Mist 50K trail run which took place on Monte Santo Mountain Saturday. Complete results are already posted on the Huntsville Track Club website at

Also: Barry Pugh's looking for running buddies to head to Mooresville on Saturdays to do some training runs for the 10-miler coming up in March. If anyone's interested, he posted his e-mail address in the comment section after the Duck & Run certification post of Jan. 16.

Now, for the dreams.
Have you ever dreamed you were at a race and lost your way? Or maybe you were out for a run and it was just soooo wonderfully, fabulously easy. Or maybe it was exactly the opposite, you were running but it was like your
I've experienced each of the above dream scenarios at some point since I first took up running five years ago.
Recently, though, my running dreams have picked up the pace.
I've been running in my sleep on at least three different occasions in the last 10 days or so. This is especially remarkable considering that in the 18 months since my son was born, I'm usually so exhausted that I don't dream at all...or at least I don't remember my dreams.
A couple of nights ago, I dreamed it was time for my race to start (yes it was the Duck & Run but it was one of those dreams in which you think something is one thing but the places and people are all wrong so when you wake up you realize it wasn't really about that one thing at all). Anyway, everyone was lined up for the race but we had no clock and no finish chute. I won't go into a lot of complicated, dreamy details here, but with no clock, no finish chute, and a bunch of runners lined up and ready to take can imagine that this was not exactly a happy dream.
On another night recently, I dreamed I was running a race that somehow turned into an obstacle course going in and out of buildings and climbing over walls...kinda sounds like I was on the lam instead of running a 10K or 5K, huh?
So...I'd love to hear if anyone else out there has an interesting running dream to share.
Also, I'm reasonably sure we'll have not only a clock and finish chute at the Duck & Run this September but also plenty of door prizes and a couple of post-race drawings for cash as well. After all, it was just a dream, you guys.

Run strong, live well & be happy!


Aubie2 said...

My dream last night was I am leading a race. Feeling great, running like the wind!! Next thing I know, I'm running head-on into all the other runners. Must be why I was leading, going the wrong way!!!


W.Q. Duck said...

Hey, Lanier!
I don't know if you dreamed about running because you read this post or if you read it after your dream but Barry says he's dreamed about races with no finish line twice since he read this post. Yikes! Sorry 'bout that!

Barry: I guess you've figured it out by now, aubie2 is Lanier.

See ya soon,
W.Q. (Tanjie)