Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Duck & Run Course Certification - coming soon

The process of getting the Duck & Run 5K course certified through USATF has begun!
Special thanks goes to Phillip Dean & Glenn King for volunteering to do most of the work, which involves a whole bunch of math and time spent running and biking the course.

It's really a rather complicated process. I'm glad Phillip knows how to do all the calculations involved!

Above, Phillip handles some of the calculations just before he and Glenn take off to do repeated measurements of the course. During course measurement, you have to actually stop at every mile-mark and check your calcuations so, as I've already indicated, it can be a bit tedious.
We did all this on a Sunday morning, thinking there would be less traffic during church services. We were right about that but we ended up still busy with measurements during the height of after-church traffic. Yikes!
Most drivers were pretty patient with us but I'm sure they wondered what in the world we were doing...this guy biking along looking like maybe he'd misplaced something somewhere along the side of the street and a crazy woman in a pickup truck riding his rear wheel and motioning people to go around.
BTW: We've re-routed the Duck & Run one last time in order to have the race go around the courthouse square in the heart of downtown Athens.
Another wonderful volunteer, local architect Chris Sides, is preparing a wondermous map for us that will be posted here as soon as our certification comes through.
Don't forget to save the date! The 2008 Duck & Run is slated for Saturday, Sept. 20!
See you there!


Aubie2 said...

Thanks for all the work you guys do!!!

Barry said...

great work!! email me if anyone wants to do some 10 mile training at Mooresville on Saturdays or

W.Q. Duck said...

Brian & I saw aubie2 while out running this afternoon. He was zoning in on the last mile of a 12-miler while we were just finishing up our pitiful little four miles.

ehstrackcoach...I'll keep my feelers out for Mooresville runners for you. I asked Brian if he was interested but we've both been such slackers this winter, we'd probably just hold you back!

kingcrimsontide said...

Another good option is to run the Huff-n-Puff course 15k in Sheffield with the training group that meets at 2 PM every Sunday (till race day). I ran with them today and got a real good workout-(thanks to Joe Quillen).Maybe some of us could carpool over that way sometimes, its about an hour ride.

In the meantime I'll try to figure out who aubie2 is.

Barry said...

Ya'll would definitely not hold me back!! I would like to run with you and Brian. I have slacked off also since the marathon. Oh yeah! and since your little dream thing I have had 2 dreams about races with no finish!! Crimsontide: I can't go on Sun afternoon this weekend but would like to do it on Sat. Just let me know or we can go to Mooresville. When you find out who Aubie2 is let me know!!