Saturday, December 29, 2007

Duck & Run 2007

The above link will take you to The News Courier's article about the 2007 Duck & Run 5K, which took place Sept. 15.

The link below will take you to a 2006 article about budding local runner, Sadie Nave, who runs like the wind and has two younger siblings nipping at her fast little heels, also.


Barry said...

Great idea Tanjie!! Would like to get some group runs up in the Athens area to train for upcoming races.

W.Q. Duck said...

Thanks, Barry! I'll try to round up as many willing runners as possible and post the info here.

kingcrimsontide said...

5 mile slow run tomorrow-Sat, 1/5/08
10 am -meet at Athens rec. center
Barry,Philip S,Dale and I already
confirmed. Come and join us-anyone
and everyone.

Tanjie,great job!

W.Q. Duck said...

Thanks, Glen!
Wish I had checked for new comments earlier in the day or last night. Brian or I would've joined you guys! Hope the "slow" run was fun!